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Extra-large animals (45kg+)


USD $789.00

Specifically for very large dogs, pigs, horses, sheep and other animals over 45kg (99lb). Contains 15,000mg of GcMAF with 70 applications per jar (215mcg per application).


Our strongest gel option for very large animals over 45kg (99lb)

This is the highest strength option from our transdermal gel range. The 15,000mg is significantly higher than our other gel options. For this reason it is suitable for use on extra-large animals or even smaller ones with with very aggressive conditions. Such animals may include very large dog breeds like Great Danes, Bull Mastifs, Rottweilers etc. as well as commercial animals like horses, pigs, llamas and other vertebrate animal weighing over 45kg. This gel contains approximately 70 individual applications, each delivering 215mg bioidentical GcMAF.

A natural immunotherapy approach

The active ingredient in all GcMAFpets products is our colostrum-derived GcMAF. This is bioidentical to that which is produced naturally within all healthy vertebrate animals and has absolutely no side effects. Supplementing GcMAF to a sick or immune-compromised animal helps aggressively stimulate macrophage activation and boost other immune response areas against a wide range of health issues. These may include all types of tumors, infections, inflammation, growths, mange, arthritis, psoriasis, rashes, skin conditions or any other type of health issues affected by the immune system. This immunotherapy approach works with the natural capacity of your pet’s immune system and is an ideal way to compliment other traditional treatment methods if desired.

About GcMAFpets gels

Supplementing GcMAF for many types of health conditions has been demonstrated via hundreds of clinical studies on both humans and animals – view more information here. We have simply taken a proven formula and adapted this as a world-first gel solution specifically for animals.

  • Unique non-serum colostrum-derived GcMAF formula
  • Manufactured in a GMP certified facility to ISO22716 specification
  • Low-molecular weight formula for effective transdermal absorption
  • Tested to be non-allergenic and safe for all animals (even if ingested)

Should I choose the gel or spray?

The gels are an easy and effective way of supplementing GcMAF transdermally through the animal’s skin. Compared to our oral spray, the gel format is more suitable for reaching macrophages responsible for regulating skin conditions, muscle/joint inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, external tumors/growths/cysts and lymphatic-specific issues. Also, if you feel your pet may be resistant to allowing administration of the spray by mouth, we recommend purchasing a gel instead as it is much easier to apply. For mouth, infections (non-skin), blood-borne, digestive and other internal conditions you may wish to consider using our oral spray instead.

Dosage and usage

This product contains 70 x 215mcg (amount of GcMAF) applications. This should be applied to the animal’s skin according to instructions based on the animal’s weight listed below. Continue treatment daily for at least 2-3 months or until the desired result is achieved. The goal with this approach is not to keep using the product forever, rather to supplement higher levels helping the body address the current issue/s and restore the immune system back to a balanced state capable of self-regulation.

45-150kg (99-330lb) – 1 application twice a day (once a day for minor issues)

150kg+ (330lb+) – 2 applications twice a day (once a day for minor issues)

High absorption transdermal formula

To assist transdermal absorption we developed a unique formula which is used in all GcMAFpets gels. The inclusion of low molecular weight hyularonic acid binds the GcMAF and helps deliver it through the skin’s protective barrier into the lymphatic nodes. Not only does this ensure a high absorption rate, but also a much safer and easier delivery method compared to using injections previously associated with GcMAF. All of our products are manufactured in a GMP certified Australian facility and tested for sterility, purity and activeness. We only use organic ingredients which are non-allergenic and safe for all types of animals.


Instructions for use

Apply a small amount of gel directly to the animal’s skin according to their size based on the guide below. One measured application is dispensed by gently pushing in the lid to release an amount of gel the size of a very small pea.

45-150kg (99-330lb) – 1 application twice a day (once a day for minor issues)

150kg+ (330lb+) – 2 applications twice a day (once a day for minor issues)

Detailed instructions by animal type

Application areas

The gel is applied to skin overlying lymph nodes closest to the area of concern (if applicable). Please view our application instruction page which outlines these locations for different animal types. Alternatively, if the animal is licking the gel after application or their condition is not location-specific, you can apply the gel to the upper tip of their ears instead for most species.

Treatment length

Although there are many variables to consider, we recommend committing to a minimum of 2-3 months continued usage (2-3 jars worth) for most issues. Depending on results experienced after this period you can choose to continue using the products if the animal is showing progress but needs more time, or to cease usage if the desired result is achieved or you feel it is not working. For more aggressive issues it can certainly take longer whereas more minor conditions may clear up before the 2-3 month period.

General tips

  • Part any fur, hair or feathers and gently rub the gel into the animal’s skin until fully absorbed
  • Ensure the animal does not lick the area, as although not dangerous, digestion into the stomach will breakdown the GcMAF
  • This is NOT like a normal topical skin gel/cream. It is designed to be absorbed into the lymphatic system or capillaries (ears) so please ensure you apply to a suitable area according to your animal type outlined here
  • Make sure the animal stays dry after application so the gel is not washed off
  • Do not apply gel directly to broken skin or open wounds

Storage & precautions

  • Expiry: will last for 16 months unopened and 3 months once opened if kept refrigerated between use.
  • Avoid contact with the animal’s eyes or open wounds
  • Keep out of reach of small children and store in a safe place in the fridge
  • If you are concerned about any type of complication please seek the advice of a vet


  • GcMAF: colostrum-derived bioidentical formula
  • Hyularonic acid: vegetable-derived, low molecular weight to assist transdermal absorption
  • Glycerine: a naturally derived solution to form the base of the gel

Product packaging

The gel comes in a special airtight jar with a lid dispensing mechanism. Gently push the lid downwards to dispense a tiny amount of gel the size of a small pea suitable for 1 application. It is not necessary to refrigerate this product before opening. It will transport perfectly fine even in very high or very cool temperatures for a days at a time. Only after opening does the product need to be refrigerated between use.

Product specifications

Gel volume
30ml (1.01 fl oz)

Net weight
130g / 4.58 ounces (includes packaging)

Airtight jar (in box)

10cm x 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in x 4in)

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