Due to the central role GcMAF naturally fulfills within overall immune defense, it has been associated with a very wide range of immune-regulated health issues. Many of these have been outlined in the 100+ scientific research papers published on GcMAF at the US National Library Medicine website (PUBMED) here. Below is a summary including some of these conditions plus other issues the immune system is potentially* responsible for regulating within animals. *We make no guarantees nor claims about the use of our products in relation to the conditions listed below, they are listed as example purposes only.

  • Cancers and tumors
  • Gut issues (colitis, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, gastrointestinal infection, inflammation)
  • Skin issues (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, mange, flea/insect bites)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (not osteoarthritis)
  • Infection (fungal, bacterial, gums, mouth, skin, inner ear, algal, soil bacterium)
  • Parasites (ticks, intestinal, worms)
  • Inflammation (acute, gut, arthritis, skin, steatitis, enteritis)
  • Viral (papillomas, influenza, parvovirus)