The recommendations below are specifically to help assist the efficacy of the GcMAF and not intended to supersede or replace other treatments, medication or advice recommended by your vet.

  • Vitamins D & K2: to help distribute GcMAF throughout the body and promote natural production of new GcMAF. Ensure the animal receives at least the recommended amount of each via their diet, supplements or access to outside sunshine (vitamin D) each day.
  • Adequate sleep: this is critical for a healthy functioning immune system and
  • Healthy balanced diet: make sure the animal receives a vet-recommended food source and that they eat adequate amounts each day
  • Lots of water: keeping hydrated is very important for the recovery of any type of illness and general health

Exercise & activity: if possible, and in accordance with what the animal’s current physical condition allows, some daily physical activity is beneficial to the overall process</li