Customer success stories

Read what our customers have to say about their experiences using our products on their pets.

All GcMAFpets products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Feedback from our customers

The below personal stories are from our customers and those involved with our trialling the GcMAFpets range of products. Please note these are published as we receive them and do not necessarily represent guaranteed outcomes for all animal owners. If you would like to share your own personal story please email us here.

Cynthia, United States

I have had a growth on my nose for some time, I have been using this cream for a month and the growth is no longer there, so I applied it on my dog who had a lump on his ear, I noticed the lump became smaller and now is not there anymore. I am truly amazed at this cream.

8,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel for Medium animals (11-25kg)

Billy, US – Cat

Hi folks, Just to let you know wee Malky the rescue cat is doing great so far as you can see by the attached picture. Looking very healthy and put all of his weight back on and eating and doing the toilet normal and chasing after the other cats etc. Cut his insulin down by half at beginning of January and then after a couple of weeks stopped it altogther and he has been fine ever since. Havent been near the vet with him since they gave him only a few weeks at most nearly a year ago now. My friends brother has been doing great with the GcMAF as well – his count went down from over 170 to under 30 so he is buying some more from you to hopefully get rid of it for good – may have bought it already. Malky helped convince him to go down this road when they saw how great he was doing using this.

1,500NG GCMAF TRANSDERMAL GEL for small animals

Tina, United States – Dog

On the 6 of january 2020 i got GcMAF because my dog has cancer.  she had 3 traumas 2 have completely gone the big one is still there but harder definitely different  her eyes were glazed over …Not anymore ….and she is eating every day now. with no sugar whatsoever. i can never thank u enough. I tell people every day on facebook about GcMAF. It really does save life. thank you for giving my dog more time. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Tina xxxx

GcMAFpets oral spray for all animal sizes

Helen M, Australia – Cat

I have a cat who had a growth on her ear, we took him to the vet and he said it was skin cancer and had to be removed by operation I had used GcMAFpets on my self for various issues and thought it would be great to use on our cat so we purchased the new pet gel. We applied the gel to the cats ear for one month, to our amazement when we booked in to ask the vet to check out how the cat was going, he could not believe it that the skin cancer had disappeared. Our cat is part of our family so now we all take GcMAF daily, we have our cream and spray and we now have the pets gel and spray. We want to keep the cat healthy so the cat is on a daily dose of GcMAF and has not had any health issues or growths since I highly recommend GcMAFpets for anyone who would like to keep their pet healthy or if the pet has a health issue, it helps them stay healthy

15,000mg GcMAF Transdermal Gel for Extra-large animals

Harold T UK – Dog

We knew that GcMAF was a great product for humans as we were using it to keep ourselves healthy. But we did not know about the pets range. Our vet was testing it out on some of his clients pets and he found it was assisting with many health issues that the pets were having. Our pet suffered from ulcers in his mouth, obviously from what ever he was eating when we were not in eye shot of him. We put him on GcMAFpets for two months initially once a day, to our surprise he does not have ulcers in his mouth, his immune system has kicked in by using the GcMAFpets and is keeping him healthy

15,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel for Large animals (26-45kg)

Ana K Germany – Dog

We have a Doberman that had a growth on his tummy, the vet said it looked suspiciously like a tumour and he wanted to do more tests. We had decided to use GcMAFpets as we did not want and invasive procedure. We applied GcMAFpets on our dogs tummy area and also gave him GcMAFpets spray, within 3 months the growth on his tummy was completely gone and he was as healthy as ever. We continue to use this product on our pet and now we have bought the human GcMAF products for our selves – seeing that it had such a positive effect on our dog

15,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel for Large animals (26-45kg)

Martin G, Spain – Dog

We have a 5 year old golden retriever, he has had gum issues for many years, we have the vet clean his teeth regularly but it distresses him and he seemed to have gum disease. We did not want him to lose his teeth and knew that the bacteria in his mouth was causing him distress. We used the spray for several months.When we first started using it directly onto his teeth and gums, it was about two weeks and the inflammation seemed to have gone down. We now continue to use the spray with him daily as he seems healthier and happier and there is no more inflammation on his gums. We will continue to use this products as it keeps our dog healthy

15,000ng GcMAF Transdermal Gel for Large animals (26-45kg)