Product Selection

Information on the best product to use depending on your pet’s size, condition & other factors.

All GcMAFpets products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Assistance to choose the right product for your animal

There are options in our range to suit vertebrate animals of all types, sizes and conditions. To choose the best option for your pet please view the recommendations based on their weight in the table below. If you would like additional assistance with this please talk with us via our live chat feature or send an email through our contact form if we are offline. For more detailed instructions on how to use our different strength products please click here.


A general guide according to your pet’s weight.


For tumors, skin issues, inflammation & general conditions.


For minor conditions & boosting the immune system


For infections, viruses, mouth/gums and blood-borne conditions.


0-10kg / 0-22lb

Apply TWICE daily

Apply ONCE daily

Spray ONCE daily


11-25kg / 23-55lb

Apply TWICE daily

Apply ONCE daily

Spray TWICE daily


26-45kg / 56-99lb

Apply TWICE daily

Apply ONCE daily

Spray TWICE daily


46-150kg / 100-330lb

Apply TWICE daily

Apply ONCE daily

2-3 sprays daily**


150kg+ / 330lb+

2 applications TWICE daily*

Apply TWICE daily*

3-4 sprays daily**

* Up to 150kg (330lb) twice a day / Over 150kg (330lb) 3 times a day

** 100-150kg (220-330lb) 1 spray 3 times a day / Over 150kg (330lb): 2 sprays twice a day

About the strength of each product

All of our products are labelled according to the total amount of GcMAF they contain. This is measured in Nanograms (ng) or Micrograms (mcg) for our highest strength gel. Although administering too much GcMAF is certainly not dangerous, it is important to make sure your pet receives sufficient levels for their required size.

More serious conditions will require higher levels of GcMAF to be supplemented. If your pet is suffering from a bad infection, tumor, virus, rheumatoid arthritis or other critical condition, it is important that you choose the appropriate product based on their size and administer at least twice daily according to instructions. On the other hand if your animal is suffering from minor conditions including rashes, allergies, gum/teeth issues or for general preventative and wellbeing purposes, administering once a day is sufficient.

Should I choose a gel or spray?

Although all our products contain exactly the same GcMAF, it is important to consider where, how and why this is being administered to your animal when deciding between our gels and spray.

Transdermal gels

  • Low molecular-weight formula absorbed through the skin layers into the lymphatic system
  • Activates macrophages within the skin, Lymphatic system and connected organs/macrophage pools
  • Suitable for topical skin issues, tumors, inflammation, and other general immune-related conditions
  • An alternative option to the spray if your animal will not allow you to administer it orally

Oral spray

  • Absorbed through the tongue, gums and mouth tissue directly into the blood for distribution
  • Activates macrophages within the blood (monocytes) as well as other connected areas of the body
  • Suitable for most types infections (for skin infections use the gel), viruses, gum/mouth issue, allergies and other blood-borne conditions
  • May also be used once a day for general health and preventative purposes to boost the immune system

Using both the gels and spray together

There may be situations (especially for very aggressive conditions) where you may wish to supplement the animal via both a gel and spray at the same time. Doing so may provide the additional benefits of being able to reach a wider range of macrophages throughout the animal’s body. By delivering orally to the blood/circulatory systems and transdermally to the lymphatic system, this will help reach a wider array of macrophages. This dual-delivery approach may be beneficial for very aggressive viruses, infections, tumors and other non-topical issues requiring higher levels to be supplemented to more areas of the body.