About our formula

All GcMAFpets products are made from natural ingredients using a unique non-serum GcMAF formula.

All GcMAFpets products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

All-natural formula specifically for animals

  • Tested & verified to be 100% bioidentical and active
  • ISO ISO22716 certified production in GMP facility
  • Does NOT contain any dairy, casein or other compounds
  • Is NOT derived or extracted from human/animal serum
  • Lab-produced GcMAF formula not available elsewhere

Gel ingredients

To assist transdermal absorption we developed a unique formula which is used in all GcMAFpets gels. The inclusion of low molecular weight hyularonic acid binds the GcMAF and helps deliver it through the skin’s protective barrier into the lymphatic nodes. Not only does this ensure a high absorption rate, but also a much safer and easier delivery method compared to using injections previously associated with GcMAF. All of our products are manufactured in a GMP certified Australian facility and tested for sterility, purity and activeness. We only use Bio-Gro certified organic ingredients which are non-allergenic and safe for all types of animals.

Bioidentical GcMAF

We use a unique production process to extract bioidentical GcMAF from a raw bovine colostrum base. This is done in a GMP certified facility and tested to be 100% bioidentical to the GcMAF naturally produced within the animal. Our formula is NOT derived from serum like other manufacturers. Using our colostrum-based GcMAF is a much safer and refined way to produce exactly the same pure GcMAF.

Hyularonic acid

Low molecular-weight hyularonic acid (hyaluronan) which is 100% natural and plant-derived. Inclusion in the gel helps bind the formula into small particles which can penetrate the skin’s protective layer. Without this the gel would not be able to absorb through the skin into the lymphatic system. Hyaluronan is naturally occurring in all animals and perfectly safe and non-allergenic, even if ingested.

Glycerin base

Because only tiny amounts of GcMAF are present in our gels, we use glycerin as a base agent to hold the formula. This is naturally-derived from plant matter, completely non-allergenic and perfectly safe even if inadvertently ingested by the animal. It binds particularly well with the hyularonic acid to allow penetration through the skin’s protective layer for efficient delivery.

Spray ingredients

Bioidentical GcMAF

The spray option features exactly the same bioidentical GcMAF as used in our gel range above.

Saline solution

A salt water base in which the GcMAF is suspended. This is the ideal way to carry the GcMAF through the animal’s mouth and gum tissue without the need for other ingredients.

Colostrum-derived GcMAF

The active component in all our products is GcMAF. This is an exact bioidentical replica of the GcMAF naturally produced within healthy vertebrate animals and humans. It is made in a GMP certified facility using our unique formula and tested to be pure, active and bioidentical.

Unlike other GcMAF manufacturers, we DO NOT use human/animal serum for this. Instead we developed a unique formula which processes, purifies and extracts pure GcMAF from a raw bovine colostrum base. This is a much safer and effective way of producing exactly the same GcMAF found in all vertebrate animals, without the safety and ethical risks.

The end product is simply pure GcMAF proteins which are free from any other impurities or compounds including casein and other dairy elements found in the colostrum. The GcMAF is then added directly to the other ingredients in our different products.The total amount of GcMAF in each of our products is listed and measured in Nanograms (Ng).

The process to produce genuine GcMAF with true Macrophage Activating Factor (MAF) properties, and not just glycoprotein found in colostrum, is very delicate. It needs to be done in a clinical setting and tested to be bioidentical, pure and active. That is why we do this in a GMP certified Australian facility with ISO accreditation. By choosing GcMAFpets you can be assured your animal will receive the highest quality GcMAF product for best results.

We add other additional ingredients to help support and deliver the GcMAF in our products more efficiently. Unlike our human range of GcMAFpets products which contain numerous additional ingredients, the GcMAFpets range contains minimal ingredients to ensure they are completely safe and non-allergenic across all species of vertebrate animals.