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All GcMAFpets products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

Frequently asked questions

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Are there any side effects from using GcMAF?2023-09-15T15:06:48+10:00

No. During our own trials on animals as well as extensive studies and use with humans, the only reported side-effects from using GcMAF have been mild detox-like symptoms. These may include a runny nose, general fatigue, sleeping issues, irritability and mild muscle soreness in the first few days. This is simply the animal’s immune system responding to the initial influx of GcMAF which stimulates detoxification. These symptoms usually subside with 3-4 days, and you may wish to halve the daily dose based on your animal’s size during this period to help minimise any discomfort if applicable. If symptoms persist or you are concerned about anything else, please seek the advice of a veterinarian.

What conditions can GcMAF help?2023-09-15T15:08:12+10:00

Due to the central role GcMAF naturally fulfills within overall immune defense, it has been associated with a very wide range of immune-regulated health issues. Many of these have been outlined in the 100+ scientific research papers published on GcMAF at the US National Library Medicine website (PUBMED) here. Below is a summary including some of these conditions plus other issues the immune system is potentially* responsible for regulating within animals. *We make no guarantees nor claims about the use of our products in relation to the conditions listed below, they are listed as example purposes only.

  • Cancers and tumors
  • Gut issues (colitis, irritable bowel syndrome IBS, gastrointestinal infection, inflammation)
  • Skin issues (psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, mange, flea/insect bites)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (not osteoarthritis)
  • Infection (fungal, bacterial, gums, mouth, skin, inner ear, algal, soil bacterium)
  • Parasites (ticks, intestinal, worms)
  • Inflammation (acute, gut, arthritis, skin, steatitis, enteritis)
  • Viral (papillomas, influenza, parvovirus)
How long until my animal can expect to see results?2023-09-15T15:08:48+10:00

The length of time in which you will start to see results will vary, and is dependent upon the animal and the severity of it’s condition. Generally, you should commit to at least 2-3 months of continued daily treatment for most issues. This will allow sufficient time for the animal’s immune system to rebalance and adjust. For more aggressive conditions, you may need to continue treatment for longer than this, whereas with less aggressive issues, you may see significant improvements very quickly.

What if I use a higher/lower strength gel for my animal’s size?2023-09-15T15:09:26+10:00

The sizes listed on our gels are a general guideline only. If your animal’s weight is close to the upper or lower limit for a particular strength gel, it is still perfectly safe to use either option. In fact, if they are dealing with a particularly aggressive issue, you may wish to choose the higher strength in order to provide a more intensive approach, or alternatively, the lower strength option if the issue is not significant.

Is it dangerous if my pet takes too much GcMAF?2023-09-15T15:10:20+10:00

Although not life-threatening or dangerous, taking too much GcMAF according to your animal’s size outlined here may present mild discomfort from possible detox-like side effects. Supplementing higher amounts will stimulate a more aggressive reaction by the immune system, but there is a limit to how much GcMAF the body can actively process meaning exceeding this is superfluous to the animal’s needs. Please follow instructions and make sure you store the products out of reach from your pet(s) and/or children as a precaution.

What kind of animals can use the products?2023-09-15T15:10:46+10:00

Our products are suitable for use on any type of vertebrate animal within the mammal, bird or reptile families. These may include dogs, cats, birds, rodents, horses, rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, donkeys, lizards, snakes or any other type of vertebrate animal. The only exclusion to this are fish and aquatic amphibians, as it is not practical to use our gels or spray considering they live in water.

Can people use GcMAFpets products too?2023-09-15T15:11:18+10:00

Yes, however we do have an existing range of products at our main GcMAFpets website that our customers usually purchase for themselves. Nevertheless, the GcMAFpets products contain the same raw base GcMAF and are perfectly safe and equally effective for humans and animals alike.

Is there an expiry date for each product?2023-09-15T15:11:41+10:00

Yes, all our products (gels and spray) will last for 16 months unopened. However once opened, they must be used within 6 months and kept refrigerated between use. The expiry date is clearly printed on the packaging label for every product. All products can withstand very high and low temperatures perfectly fine unopened, so there is no issues during transit if you live in hot/cold climates.

How are GcMAFpets products different to GcMAFpets ones?2023-09-15T15:12:14+10:00

Both ranges contain exactly the same colostrum-derived GcMAF formula. The only difference is that less additional ingredients are added to the GcMAFpets gels compared to the GcMAFpets creams (for people). There are some ingredients in the GcMAFpets creams which are potentially allergenic to certain animals. The oral/sublingual spray in both our ranges is exactly identical and priced accordingly.

Where are your products made?2023-09-15T15:12:43+10:00

All products are made in an independent GMP certified laboratory in Melbourne, Australia. The unique GcMAF formula is not available in any other product for sale outside of our ranges. Every batch of GcMAF is produced in accordance to ISO 22716 certification and tested in-house to be 100% pure, active and bioidentical before being added to our various product formats.

Can the animal use other medications & treatments with GcMAF?2023-09-15T15:13:13+10:00

Yes, with the exception of immunosuppresant drugs or opioid-based pain medications*. Using GcMAF alongside other traditional and non-traditional remedies is perfectly safe and effective for all types of animals. It works in a way that is totally independent from other common approaches including chemotherapy, radiation, prescribed medications, natural remedies, supplements and other treatments.

* Using immunosuppresant drugs (drugs designed to suppress the immune system) or opioid-based pain medications at the same time as GcMAF will not cause harm to the animal, however it may counteract the effects. Please make sure you are fully aware of this before purchasing our products. We strongly recommend not discontinuing any prescribed treatment methods, medications, diet, supplements or other approaches your vet has recommended whilst using our products.

Do your product contain traces of dairy or nuts?2023-09-15T15:13:39+10:00

No. Our gels and spray have 100% absolutely no traces of dairy or nuts. Although the actual GcMAF is made using a bovine colostrum base, all casein and other dairy elements are completely eliminated from this as part of the production process.

Does the animal need a special diet or supplements to help?2023-09-15T15:14:27+10:00

The recommendations below are specifically to help assist the efficacy of the GcMAF and not intended to supersede or replace other treatments, medication or advice recommended by your vet.

  • Vitamins D & K2: to help distribute GcMAF throughout the body and promote natural production of new GcMAF. Ensure the animal receives at least the recommended amount of each via their diet, supplements or access to outside sunshine (vitamin D) each day.
  • Adequate sleep: this is critical for a healthy functioning immune system and
  • Healthy balanced diet: make sure the animal receives a vet-recommended food source and that they eat adequate amounts each day
  • Lots of water: keeping hydrated is very important for the recovery of any type of illness and general health

Exercise & activity: if possible, and in accordance with what the animal’s current physical condition allows, some daily physical activity is beneficial to the overall process</li

Why are the higher strength products more expensive?2023-09-15T15:14:51+10:00

Although significantly less expensive than 1st and 2nd generation serum-derived GcMAF, our GcMAF is still very expensive to make. The process requires large amounts of raw bovine colostrum which is processed in a laboratory to produce tiny amounts of pure GcMAF. Because of this, the products which contain more GcMAF are significantly more expensive.

Are there any ingredients my pet may be allergic to?2023-09-15T15:15:16+10:00

No. Our products only contain minimal ingredients, all of which are 100% safe and non-allergenic for all types of animals. The GcMAF in our gels is suspended in a natural glycerin and hyularonan bases, and our sprays in a neutral saline solution (salt water).

Are the products natural and organic?2023-09-15T15:15:38+10:00

All products are made from only natural ingredients, however we do not have official certification to claim they are totally organic. They are also 100% free from any parabens, casein or GMO ingredients.

Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?2023-09-15T15:16:03+10:00

No. Due to the nature and costs associated with the products, we do not offer refunds after purchase nor make any guarantees about their use. For this reason we recommend being careful to ensure you choose the right product for your animal and to sufficiently research before deciding to choose this approach for your animal.


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