About GcMAFpets

World-first range of GcMAF immunotherapy products specifically for pets

All GcMAFpets products are made in an Australian GMP ISO22716 certified laboratory and tested to be 100% bioidentical to GcMAF naturally produced in the body.

About GcMAFpets – subsidiary of GcMAFpets

GcMAFpets is a subsidiary of GcMAFpets. Since 2008 we have been researching, developing and distributing GcMAF products which have helped many people across the world. After being constantly asked by our customers if our products could be used on their pets, we decided to further explore this space. Our research indicated that not only did all vertebrate animals produce GcMAF as part of a healthy immune system, but this GcMAF was bioidentical across all species. Knowing this we then went to work on developing a formula which was both non-allergenic and effectively deliverable to all types of animals. After many months the final result is the world-first range of GcMAF transdermal gels and sublingual spray.

Our colostrum is sourced from a certified bio dynamic farm it is organic and is free of GMO’s, pesticides, fertilizers and is not adulterated in any way.

About GcMAFpets – subsidiary of GcMAFpets

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    Non-serum GcMAF bioidentical to what is produced naturally in all vertebrate animals
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    Effective, safe and non-allergenic ingredients suitable for all types of animals
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    Easy-to-apply high-absorption formula for efficient delivery and distribution
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    Produced in a ISO ISO22716 certified GMP laboratory
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    The first and only GcMAF products specifically designed for use on animals
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    Bio-Dynamic Farming – Organic Colostrum FREE of GMO’s

About GcMAFpets – subsidiary of GcMAFpets

All GcMAFpets products are made under license by an Australian GMP certified laboratory with ISO ISO22716 certified production. They are manufactured to the highest clinical standards using our proprietary colostrum-derived GcMAFpets production process. Each batch of GcMAF is tested to be active and bioidentical to what is produced naturally in vertebrate animals, before being added with other ingredients to form our range of transdermal gels and sublingual sprays. All GcMAFpets products are organic and not made from human (or animal) serum like other products in the marketplace.

About our team

We are a small but dedicated team of scientists, researchers and distributors who have been involved in the GcMAF space since 2008. Working with an independent laboratory, we help produce and sell the highest quality GcMAF products available on the market. As avid animal lovers and owners, we are also very passionate about being one of the first companies to explore this area. We firmly believe that pets are an integral part of the family unit, and as such deserve the same options as people when it comes to addressing health issues. Personally we have been using non-commercial versions of our products on our own pets for many years with great success and happily stand behind every product we sell.

Initial trials & development

With this in mind we first began trialing our GcMAFpets formula in 2010 with outstanding success across a wide variety of animals with different immune-related conditions. Among the initial unofficial trial participants were vets, dog trainers, K9 security units and an assortment of domestic animal owners. Some of the conditions the products were used for included tumors, infections, cancers, arthritis and skin conditions/rashes. The feedback we received from this was overwhelmingly positive and we knew immediately

I got GcMAF because my dog has cancer. She had 3 traumas 2 have completely gone the big one is still there but harder definitely different her eyes were glazed over. Not anymore, and she is eating every day now. with no sugar whatsoever. I can never thank u enough. – Tina, United States

About our GcMAFpets proprietary formula

All GcMAFpets products contain the same colostrum-derived formula used in our GcMAFpets range of creams and sprays. These products have helped and been trusted by our customers all across the world since 2008. It is important to note that all vertebrate animals (humans, dogs, cats, birds etc.) produce GcMAF naturally as part of a healthy immune system. The molecular structure of GcMAF is exactly the same between species and therefore can be supplemented from a single source – read more about GcMAF here. In 2008 we tasked a laboratory to find a better way of producing bioidentical GcMAF without having to extract it from human serum. Although previous manufacturers using this method were documenting impressive results through their trials and customer feedback, doing so bought a great deal of controversy and safety concerns.

After many years developing and testing a wide range of different formulas, we discovered the best way to do this was via a bovine colostrum base. Using a unique extraction and purification process, the laboratory were able to produce tiny amounts of bioidentical GcMAF from large volumes of raw colostrum. Most importantly, this was achieved without using human serum and was independently tested to be 100% bioidentical, active and pure. Having the capacity to commercially produce this (and add it to our different product formulas) in a GMP laboratory meant we could offer a genuine, high quality and safe product to customers.